Embarkation Procedures



As 01/05/2022, all travellers arriving in Greece, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to display a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, or evidence of a negative test result from SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test).

Moreover we remenber that starting from 15/03/22 it is no longer required to fill in and submit the form (PLF) "Passenger Locator Form".


with arrivals until 31/05/22

The Italian Government asks for entry into Italy to present at the time of boarding:

  • Green Covid Certificate showing one of the following options:
    a complete vaccination certificate (valid for 9 months after the completion of the basic vaccination and without time limit for travellers who have received the booster dose) or a certificate of recovery from covid-19 (valid for 6 months) or the negative result of molecular test for covid-19 carried out in the 72 hours before returning to Italy or rapid antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours before returning to Italy.
    Children under the age of six are exemptions from the obligation to take a test before entering Italy

    Attention: starting from 01/05/22 it is no longer required to fill in and submit the form (dPLF) "Passenger Locator Form".

    The presentation at check-in of the above certificates, is mandatory for boarding purposes.


    Passengers’ travelling with their vehicles have to show car registration number of every vehicle.
    In case of Camping on Board reservations, the car registration of the vehicle has to report the type-approval. Without approval, the Company cannot provide electricity to the vehicle and cannot grant the access to the vehicle during the trip.
    By embarking, only the driver can stay inside the vehicle that, according to the ship staff instructions, should embark in the appointed garage. All the other passengers have to get out of the vehicle and embark by feet, using the appropriate ramp.

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