Embarkation Procedures



Controls in force upon return from Greece: For any update on the rules in force regarding trips between Italy and Greece please refer to the Ministry of Foreing Affairs website https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/index_en.html. With the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 4 December 2020 and following for entries from Greece it is necessary to fill in a self-declaration form downloadableHERE, to be delivered to the carrier upon boarding and to anyone appointed to carry frontier checks. In the event of symptoms compatible with Covid, it remains the obligation for anyone to report the situation, promptly, to the Health Authority through the dedicated telephone numbers and to undergo isolation, pending the decisions of the Health Authority. 

ANEK LINES has been remaining faithful to its mission of responsibility towards passengers for more than 50 years, contributes to the management of procedures against this unexpected global phenomenon and, in collaboration with the competent authorities, demonstrates its social sensitivity towards public health. At this moment our company has adapted its transport work to the new contingent situations and invites its passengers to faithfully follow the general prevention measures.


Passengers’ travelling with their vehicles have to show car registration number of every vehicle.
In case of Camping on Board reservations, the car registration of the vehicle has to report the type-approval. Without approval, the Company cannot provide electricity to the vehicle and cannot grant the access to the vehicle during the trip.
By embarking, only the driver can stay inside the vehicle that, according to the ship staff instructions, should embark in the appointed garage. All the other passengers have to get out of the vehicle and embark by feet, using the appropriate ramp.