Embarkation Procedures

CODIV-19 10.03.2020

Following today’s Greek government’s order, ANEK LINES informs the passengers that the embarkation from / to Italy is forbidden for passengers and vehicles (except trucks).

The prohibition is valid with immediate effect as from today 15/03/2020.


The check-in is compulsory before embarking. Presentation to our port offices  at least 2 hours before departure or, in case of reservation with Camping on board vehicles, at least 3 hours before departure.
All the passengers, including children and babies, have to present a valid identity document (we remind you that the driving license is not a valid document for travelling abroad). Non-EU citizens or citizens of countries out of Schengen Area have to present a valid passport and visa, if required. We recommend you to refer to your consulate for further details.

The Company reserves the right not to accept onboard passengers not provided with valid travel documents and it is not responsible in case that borders authorities will not allow passengers to travel, due to lack of valid documents. Passengers at fault have no right to ticket refund and have to pay any possible penalty imposed to the Company by the relevant Authorities.


Passengers’ travelling with their vehicles have to show car registration number of every vehicle.
In case of Camping on Board reservations, the car registration of the vehicle has to report the type-approval. Without approval, the Company cannot provide electricity to the vehicle and cannot grant the access to the vehicle during the trip.
By embarking, only the driver can stay inside the vehicle that, according to the ship staff instructions, should embark in the appointed garage. All the other passengers have to get out of the vehicle and embark by feet, using the appropriate ramp.