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April 1967. The population of Crete lays the foundations for ANEK LINES conquer of the Mediterranean Sea in the next 50 years. The deep respect for its people and the Cretan origins of the Company, make ANEK LINES a big family, whose purpose is to guarantee services and hospitality to thousands of travelers and to offer a unique travel experience, thanks to a fleet of avant-garde ships. ANEK LINES has clear ideas: 23 unique destinations! Each one is an unforgettable experience for every passenger. ANEK LINES. Comfort. Luxury. Professional competence. Always ready for a new journey, ready to sail for new experiences. On Ancona line, Anek Lines Italia Tour Operator has selected special dates, in order to offer advantageous holiday to its customers even during the high season.



Ancona – Corfù
Ancona – Igoumenitsa
Ancona – Patras


From Ancona | To Ancona


Venice – Corfù
Venice – Igoumenitsa
Venice – Patras


From Venezia | To Venezia


Bari – Corfù
Bari – Igoumenitsa
Bari – Patras


From Bari | To Bari


Piraeus – Crete
Piraeus – Cyclades
Piraeus – Dodecanese 


From Pireo | To Pireo


Anek Lines ships are equipped with the most modern technologies and arranged for every kind of vehicle (cars, motorbikes, campers, freight transportation). The main characteristic of our ships is the services high quality, oriented to our customers’ needs satisfaction. The various accommodations, from the 4-berth families cabins to the double lux cabins, allow you to travel in total comfort and to cross the sea in a relax day.

4-Berth Cabin

Outside 4-berth cabin A4

3-Berth cabin

Outside 3-berth cabin A3

C2-Berth cabin

Outside 2-berth cabin A2

Luxury cabin

Double luxury cabin LUX


For passengers that love feeling like at home, we offer the Camping onboard service, available from 01/04 to 31/10. Passengers can stay in the comfort of their camper / caravan during the cross (vehicles with no type-approval will not be allowed in Open deck) and they can use all the services of the ship (showers, WC), as well as the 220 current outlets. They have also free access to all the ship’s common areas, to the bars, restaurants, etc. Price is deck for passengers plus vehicle rates (according to length / height). 

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