Pets on board


For passengers travelling with their pets, our ships can offer our kennels and our pet cabins, where they are highly welcome. For hygienic reasons pets are not allowed to enter in non-pet cabins, in the bars, restaurants and other indoor public areas (except animals that guard and assist people with special needs, provided their owners have specific documents). Not allowed to leave them inside the vehicles, unless the vehicles are booked with camping on board service.
Outside the appointed areas, pets are required to wear muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied and controlled by the pet owner or guardian. Passengers travelling with their pets have to bring with them the health card of the animals (for EU citizens also EU Pet Passport is required).

For dogs, cats and ferrets, anti-rabies vaccination is also compulsory. Please refer to your veterinarian for further information.

Pet owner or guardian is responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of his pet and for adhering to all laws and regulations related to the above. Furthermore, pet owners are solely responsible for any possible harm or damage caused by their animals to any third part.

Please always declare that you have a pet when you book, also in case of reservation in deck and/or Camping on Board. Unaccompanied animals not allowed onboard.

Note: The carriage of live animals (other than pets) is ruled by the cargo terms and conditions of the Company.


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