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Superfast Ferries represents excellence in maritime connections between Italy and Greece. Established in 1992, it quickly became synonymous with fast and reliable transportation. The first two ships, Superfast I and Superfast II, began their crossings in 1995, significantly reducing travel times between Italy and Greece. This innovative service quickly captured the market, transporting over 200,000 passengers in its first year.

In 2002, Superfast continued to expand its fleet with the arrival of Superfast XI. This ship, with superior performance, further consolidated the company’s presence in the market. 2011 saw the two main players on the Italy-Greece routes, SuperFast Ferries and Anek Lines, join in a Joint-Venture agreement to offer the market optimized connections in the quality of ships and in the choice of arrival/departure times from various ports in Italy and Greece. These are the routes served by the Joint-Venture:

  • from Ancona to Patras, from Ancona to Igoumenitsa, and from Ancona to Corfu
  • from Bari to Patras, from Bari to Igoumenitsa, and from Bari to Corfu
  • from Venice to Patras and from Venice to Igoumenitsa

In December 2023, the merger of Anek Lines into ATTICA Group brought various companies under a single management: SuperFast, Anek Lines, Blue Star Ferry, and Hellenic Sea Ways.

SuperFast is the brand chosen by ATTICA Group for ships employed on the international line, connecting Greece to Europe through the Italian ports. The ships operated by Attica Group under the SuperFast brand are currently SuperFast I, SuperFast II, and SuperFast III, with SuperFast IV joining next fall, as well as Ariadne, Lefka Ori, and Claudia, which operates on the Venice-Igoumenitsa-Patras routes.

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Nave Superfast XI

Superfast XI

Ancona – Grecia

Nave Superfast III

Superfast III

Ancona – Grecia

Nave Elyros, Anek Lines


Ancona – Grecia

Nave Superfast Lefka Ori

Lefka Ori

Ancona – Grecia
Venice – Grecia

Nave Superfast I

Superfast I

Bari – Grecia

Nave Superfast II

Superfast II

Bari – Grecia

Nave F/B Claudia


Venice – Grecia


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Slot-machine area

Camping on board

The availability of services on board is limited to the technical specifications of the ship.
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